Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fort Dix Demons

Walson Army Hospital - Fort Dix

Located in central New Jersey, Fort Dix is named for Major General John Adams Dix, a veteran of the War of 1812 and the Civil War.

It has been training soldiers since its founding in 1917, including H&H back in his Army days. In fact, more than three million men and women have passed through its gates since it was established as one of the original sixteen Army training camps built for World War I.

Today, the camp is a major training and mobilization center for the Army Reserve and National Guard after barely evading closure. Fort Dix also lies almost entirely within the Barrens of New Jersey, and we all know what that means.

There have been, as paranormal starters, many reported sightings of the Jersey Devil by soldiers during World War II, with a resurgence in the 1990s. Well, hey, that's to be expected; the Barrens is its hangout and the Devil is Jersey's unofficial state monster.

But Building 5418 at Fort Dix, the Walson Hospital in its heyday, is spook Central. The structure is a clinic now with its top five floors shuttered, but once hosted a psychiatric ward and its basement was the fort's morgue, a deadly duo of apparition generators.

Walson is without question the most active spot on the installation. Accounts of floating orbs, the opening and closing of doors and windows, lights going on and off, unexplained drops in temperature, sense of presence, furniture getting tossed around, electronics going haywire - pretty much the gamut of spectral trickery.

The top of the spectral food chain includes the sightings of orbs and ghostly visitors. The former morgue and psychiatric ward are usually where the eerie stories originate.

Most of the poltergeist-type activity happens on the seventh floor, the psych ward. That's also where the orbs appear, along with all the other ghostly going-ons.

The OB floor is another place where the dead don't rest. At one point, it's successful delivery rate was said to be just 60%, an embarrassment to even third world countries, and eventually Fort Dix's deliveries were handled by an off-base hospital.

There are regular stories of babies crying. It's also home to an eternal orderly. The OB floor is always said to be always freshly mopped. There is a mop and bucket propped in a corner that remain from its working days, and the floor seems wet, with foot prints across it, but the mop and bucket are bone dry - and have been for years.

The morgue is where the ghosties hang out. It's reported that you can feel and see the spirits in the basement, and that if you sit in the old gurney, ghostly hands will push you towards the body cooler. Brrrr! Another story involves the sounds of a grown man crying. People believe that a spirit watches the base at night through the morgue windows.

The hospital isn't the only place that's home to shadows. There's a couple of places near base housing units that have eerie reports, too.

Kennedy Court residents on Pemberton Road have reported glowing red eyes that peer at them from the nearby woods at night, and a trail that no wildlife or even sound crosses. Garden Terrace neighbors on Cedar Street tell of a teenage boy, dressed in jeans, a jacket, and red cap who can be spotted walking down the street...and then disappears right before your eyes.

But time may be running out for you to get in on the spectral fun at the hospital. The Army doesn't allow tours, and Walson, as we understand, is slated to be demolished with all its bad ju-ju. But last report, it still stands and lights still flicker, even without electricity...


SGT Shamsheld said...

Update: As of today, the hospital still stands.

Amartin said...

It's getting torn down this month. Sad to see it go

Anonymous said...

Hospital still stands I just drove past it on patrol

Anonymous said...

It's not being torn down my uncle lives there on the base and it won't be torn down the MP and army are afraid to take it down bc of all the things that happened and think if they tore it down that things would become worse
It's quite scary
All wires have been pulled from the inside bu nurse calls and lights still flicker..

Anonymous said...

This is one of the scariest places I've ever seen.. First hand knowledge that stuff is happening inside this building. My daughter played with a ouije board in there... I know stupid but caused a lot of stuff to be stired up. The sounds of walking on the floor going down the stairs, doors sounds... open and slam shut, the sound of a light or power switch being flicked on, and whistles. You couldn’t pay me to step foot in that place.

Anonymous said...

It is being torn down, just a matter of when.... The base general knows about this place and it's dangers that are luring teens to it for ghost hunting. Due to that reason are new road block barricades on every road leading to the hospital

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to get permission to investigate? I have a small paranormal team and are looking for places to inveatigate.

brat3030 said...

You would need to contact public affairs to see about getting permission to investigate. It has been blocked off for demolition which is happening and expected to be completed by March.

Anonymous said...

a couple of my friends and i went by there tonight and let me say....i experienced a really bad neck pain on my right side as soon as we parked outside of it. im pretty spooked out now but didnt see any flickers or lights on.

Anonymous said...

medic stationed here and drove by tonight and caught a glimpse of a ghostly figure walking just on the other side of the fence, did a u turn and caught another glimpse, did another u turn but it was gone... I was dared to go inside in the daytime if I didn't believe it was I'm spooked

Anonymous said...

Just drove past today and it is still not demolished and I don't believe it will be any time soon

Anonymous said...

My friends and I went into the hospital judt before they out the wire around it. The back doors are all open . The first thing when we walked in I had really bad pain on my back. Late on that day I had scratches all down my back. Than we went to the top floor . The temp dropped dramatically. We heared alot of noises and got freak out and left.

Anonymous said...

I had to go TDY to Fort Dix a few months ago and heard all sorts of stories about that place. So... I had to go see for myself. After taking a few pics of Iron Mike I decided to take a few pictures of the old hospital. The suprising thig thing I noticed was that it only said Walson on the side. Looks like Army Hospital was taken off. Went back later that night. Took a couple pictures under lower light with the sun setting behind it. Turned out pretty good. A littel creepy in its own rite. Drove around to the back side and wanted to take a couple more but it was getting dark and would not work for contrast. It was then I distinctly saw a room light up near the top for approximately two seconds. Definately creeped me out a bit. So... I did the "responsible" thing and stopped at the MPs and told them what I saw. They pretty much told me that place even creeps them out and they all have seen strange things there.