Sunday, June 20, 2010

Duffy's Cut...The Story Continues


"There's a saying that under every mile of track there's an Irishman..."

Many H&H readers have asked us about the progress of the Duffy's Cut project, and we've found a new report on how it's coming along.

The Duffy's Cut saga hopefully heads towards a conclusion as an Immaculata University team, led by Frank and William Watson, tries to find the remains of Irish RR laborers who died - some by cholera, others by murder - who helped build a PRR line through Chester County in the 1830's. The local lore says that their restless spirits still roam the track.

For the original 2008 H&H story, click here.

For the Duffy Cut web site, click here.

For a BBC article on the affair, click here.


Unknown said...

I am so grateful to The Watson Brothers for all their work on bringing this tragedy to public knowledge. time and time again crimes against humans do surface in the spirits of the victims. the names are very much associated with the Gaelic part of Donegal all of which county suffered from endemic emigration up to recent decades.

Ron Ieraci said...

Ellen - we're all appreciative of their efforts; all of America's stories should be told.