Saturday, August 1, 2009

Look Out Harry - Hermione Really Is A Witch!

Hermione in "Chamber of Secrets"

H&H just spent a leisurely afternoon with the kids watching Harry Potter, and lo and behold, when he returns to the PC, what does he spy but this tidbit:

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is related to a real-life witch, according to People Magazine.

The actress, who plays schoolgirl witch Hermione Granger in the franchise, can reportedly trace her roots back to a 16th century woman who was convicted of witchcraft.

"It's not every day we're able to trace the branches of a family tree back to 16th century witch trials," said genealogist Anastasia Tyler from

"Combine that with a celebrity connection to Emma Watson and the fact that she plays a witch in Harry Potter - You couldn't script it any better."

Watson's relative was alleged to be Essex-born Joan Playle, an unmarried woman who was excommunicated from the Church of England in 1592 for witchcraft.

The leaf doesn't fall far from the tree, hey?

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