Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Inn At Jim Thorpe

inn at jim thorpe
Inn at Jim Thorpe from Travel Hero

The Inn at Jim Thorpe in Carbon County is a New Orleans style hotel that dates back to 1849, when the ritzy New American Hotel was erected on the ashes of the burned out White Swan Hotel, built in 1833. It became the Inn in 1988.

And like most old hotels, some of its' guest checked in but never bothered to check out. There are various paranormal activities associated with many of the rooms, from shadow figures to upturned chairs, objects on the move, cold spots, and being able to catch a whiff of smoke, a remnant of the White Swan days.

It's thought that 310 is haunted by a nurse that's still tending to her patient and gets annoyed when people get into the same bed where presumably her spectral patient lies. Her icy grip has been felt by guests by the bed and her white figure seen there. Another spook was spotted there, too, a tall man with slicked back hair.

Room 211 has a problem with the TV going on and off by itself. Men are especially targeted - items disappear then reappear in different spots. One man left his boots by the door, and awoke to find them in the hallway outside. Towels are found shoved in the toilet. Cigar and cigarette smoke is smelled when no one is around, and the noises of laughing children are heard when there are no children around.

Room 315 has chairs that are turned upside down. Down the hall at Room 303, there are unexplainable shadows and orbs. In Room 203, a guest claimed that a ghost put his cell phone in the refrigerator.

A faceless lady in Victorian attire has disappeared into closed doors. Guests have supposedly seen many spirit shadows in the downstairs foyer and lobby, and have orb and mist photographs to bolster their claims. The Innkeeper has even set up a little disclaimer about spooks in the house.

Not too surprisingly, spook seekers from coast-to-coast visit the Inn. It host ghost hunter weekends for the curious. Paranormal societies can't get enough of the Inn. Hey, the help will gladly put you up in a haunted room if you request one.

One of our readers stopped in, and reports "Both myself and my parents stayed at the Inn and experienced shadow figures and knocking within the room at different locations. Neat place. NEPA ghost hunters got some great EVP evidence."

So if you want to visit the Jim Thorpe jail and see if you can spot the Molly Maguire handprint, this is the perfect place to spend the night. You'll get two haunts with one stone.


Anonymous said...

Both myself and my parents stayed at the Inn and experienced shadow figures, knocking within the room at different locations. Neat place. NEPA ghost hunters got some great EVP evidence.

Anonymous said...

About 6 years ago I stayed with my then boyfriend (we are now married 2kids) and stayed in the room across from 211. It was 3 nights of hearing the bathroom door open and slam shut. Also, since it was freezing Dec, we made sure to keep the window closed- only to wake up in the middle of the night and find that same window opened..

Anonymous said...

I had just laid down to go to sleep and I heard the children laughing in the hallway.... and it felt like someone was standing outside my door.

Anonymous said...

On Friday took ½ day to Jim Thorpe
With my sisters rere & donna
Stayed at the Jim Thorpe hotel
Really old but nice and clean.

We all slept in the big king size bed.
Rere in the middle
They fall asleep real fast.
They started snoring right away
Then I heard crying – I thought one of them must be having a bad dream
Couldn’t figure out which one was crying.
Because it was all dark in the room

It went on and on for around 1/2 hr.
When we woke up – I said well both of you snore
And one of you was crying off & on

As we were checking out
The lady at the desk – said – well did you see a ghost?
We put you in the haunted room
And gave us a paper showing all of the sounds and weird things that happened in that room
I thought – that would have been nice to tell us before we fell asleep there
Then it hit me
Was it the ghost crying?

Anonymous said...

Stayed at the Jim Thorpe in a few years ago... My husband went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and couldn't get out- as if the door was locked- he was yelling and pulling ont he door... however, he never locked the door. I also smelled cigarette smoke. Later that evening, I woke up to see a flash of a woman dressed in Victorian garb standing near our bed. I thought it was a dream until I went down to the front desk in the morning and asked the lady if the inn was haunted- and her reply was, "uhhh yeah!" That is when she told me all of her experiences and that of others who work there. The next night my husband went out for dinner- before returning to our room I took a picture of the Inn since it looked so pretty all lit up. When I got the pictures developed you cannot even see the Inn b/c there is a strange mist in the picture which was not seen that night. Very odd experience... but fun stories to share with friends and family!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I stayed at the Jim Thorpe Inn on August 23-24. The lights on the end tables on either side of the bed did not work when we got there. I used my husband's flashlight from his cell phone and got up to use the restroom. When I came out my husband was standing outside of the restroom and asked me how I got the lights to work. I told him I did not touch the lights.
Then as we tried to fall back asleep, my husband said it felt like someone shook his face back and forth. We were not scared because we were not aware the Inn was supposedly haunted. We tried hard to sleep but tossed and turned all night.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from staying the weekend at the Jim Thorpe inn! We stayed in room 303. We went white water rafting and came back, I had left the car charger on the desk and brushed my teeth before we left. After an awesome meal we came back to find the charger on the coffee table area and my toothpaste above the desk. Later that night I kept hearing sharp snapping sounds and heard the rattling of a doorknob loud enough to wake US all up at once. We would occasionally hear people scream to.It was a nice place despite the fact that every time I went to lock the bathroom door it felt like somebody else was forcing it on the other side.
August 29-30

Unknown said...

I cant believe I just read this, ! A friend and I stayed there one time, we went to a show at maunk chunk and when we came back all the towels where in the toilet lol. The place is definitely haunted

Christine Tropeano said...

My husband and I are here now and he was just ubruptly awoken by something at his bed side. He felt a presence staring at him and awoke to see a dark silhouette leaning down over him on the side of the bed looking at him. He knew about the hauntings but had no idea that our room was the one with the nurse untill I just told him. He jumped out of bed and kets say gave him a good startle. We have also had experiences with a man laughing down in the game room and we were the only ones there a few years ago. This is our sixth or seventh stay here at the inn and we love it each time we come it's a wonderful place even with they're friendly ghosts !

Anonymous said...

It was a weekend getaway and we stayed at the Inn. The one room that is known to have "happenings" has a sitting area next to it.....well, we were sitting around talking and my friend started to video me...when she played the video back there were orbs flying by's was so weird and creepy!

Unknown said...

I'm going to stay there for a couple days at end of month any suggestions on why room to stay in